A school library (or a school library media center) is a library within a school where students, staff, and often, parents of a public or private school have access to a variety of resources. The goal of the school library media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access "to books and reading, to information, and to information technology. A school library media center "uses all types of media... is automated, and utilizes the Internet [as well as books] for information gathering." School libraries are distinct from public libraries because they serve as "learner-oriented laboratories which support, extend, and individualize the school's curriculum... A school library serves as the center and coordinating agency for all material used in the school.



Digital Class Room

The Digital classroom is a "Technology-enabled" learning environment where Student learning and Interaction with the Teacher and Peers is fully supported through strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Some of the core benefits of the Digital Classroom Solutions are as follows:

  • Empower Teachers and Students using Modern ICT tools
  • Developing future skills in students such as critical thinking, creativity and communication
  • Creating a unique platform for Teachers to think out of the box and built concept development skills
  • Stimulate mind of Students to explore and understand real life application of Maths, Science and other subject concepts

The School follows Theme Teaching and thus integrated syllabus based on theme clarifies the concept for students in detail and
help them apply knowledge in their day to day life


A computer lab is a setup or space where an entire class full can be taught important concepts like how to use computers, or how to do coding, etc. The students are usually trained by a trained computer teacher. Teachers can also use the lab with their students to conduct research or create technology-based projects.

The students enhance their technological skills within the school. The benefits of being tech-savvy needs no explanation in the 21st century. Each and every individual should be aware of the functioning of the virtual world. The students as well as teachers can be benefitted from the computer lab in school.



Transport for Atma Malik International School is operated by the “ATMA MALIK TRASPORT DEPARTMENT” headed by Mr. Baravkar. All AMIS buses comply with RTO requirements: the distinguishing yellow colour, speed control systems, stop alarms, seat belts and many other features concerned with student’s safety and security. All our buses have been fitted with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) a system that enables us to monitor the movement of the buses at all times. Our buses travel on fixed routes picking up students along the route. All bus drivers have a “School Bus Driver badge” issued by the RTO, and each bus also has a bus conductor to assist with student utmost comfort


Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's own hands and skill. Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one's own hands. Arts and crafts is usually a hobby.

Both children and adults enjoy arts and crafts. Children in schools may learn skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things with all sorts of material.




At Atma Malik International School we have “INTERNATIONAL PRASADALAYA” headed by Hon’ trustee Shri. Bhat Sir.At Prasadalaya we serve hot and freshly prepared food to our kids. We call food as “Prasad” of our Holy Sadhguru Atma Malik Mauli. We serve strictly hygienic vegetarian food only. The food we serve is daily supervised by the Mess in-charge. Under the able guidance of our Hon’ President Sir we pay careful attention to our students such that they get a well-balanced and appetizing diet. We do train them in correct table manners and etiquettes.

Medical rooms

The Atma Malik International School medical unit is looked after by a well-qualifieddoctor(Dr. Ubale) with team of well trained nurses. The doctor and nurses are available 24*7 in the campus. A well-equipped medical unit is situated in the campusto handle first-aid cases and minor ailments. For emergencies, the school has a super specialty hospital – “ATMA MALIK SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL”, situated next to academic block to address any medical emergencies.We maintain student medical history of each student in his/hermedical book

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